Sense of self: Luminous Lines by Marie Mas

The designer’s most recent offering, a series of white-diamond pieces, shines a light on areas of the body that are often overlooked.

Paris-based fine-jewelry designer Marie Mas is known for her transformable creations. In her latest collection, Luminous Lines, the 33-year-old brings her patented fun and interactive aesthetic to a series of white-diamond pieces. Inspired by the sultry shadows reflected on the human body during the golden hour of sunset, the designer uses her innovative settings to create a series of diamond lines that outline often-overlooked parts of the body. The nape of the neck is considered one of the most sensual areas, however the Luminous Lines necklaces purposely stray from this area and highlight the suprasternal notch, the large dip between the clavicles. Another body part that commonly bears jewelry is the wrist. Continuing to surprise her clients, Mas uses the Luminous Lines bracelets to highlight the ulna, the little round bone that ends at the wrist on the outer side.

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