Haute to Haute: The Couture Designers Who Turned to High Jewels

Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dior and Lanvin are just a handful of luxury fashion houses that create works of costume jewellery to elevate their runway presentations. Time and time again, a large structural ear cuff will add impact to a sleek satin look, and a choker that blurs the lines between necklace and garment collar will bring the drama to a high neckline. The garment tells the story, but the jewels are the juicy details needed to bring it all together. But who are the minds behind the pieces?

After a bit of investigative work, we have discovered some independent high jewellery designers with a background in haute couture fashion. Unaware of all rules and restrictions associated with classical fine jewellery design, their fashion-trained creative minds have birthed some exceptionally inventive pieces that make even seasoned jewellery commentators stand up and take notice. Let’s celebrate these individuals!

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