Marie Mas: New Collection Captures the Sensual Beauty of Sunset Shadows

Marie Cabirou, the chief designer and CEO behind the jewellery brand Marie Mas has released a new and very sensual high jewellery collection: Luminous Lines. Inspired by the shadows formed on the human body during the golden hour of sunset, the designer highlights non-traditional parts of the body through simple diamond lines.

33-year-old designer Marie Cabirou moved to Paris over 15 years ago seeking a career in fine jewellery. Inspired by her grandmother from a young age to draw, create and design, she left her hometown of Aveyron, France, to pursue multiple degrees in textile and accessory design: “I always wanted to be a designer, it seemed like part of my DNA. I was always interested in how things work, how they are made and the design behind them”. After completing two undergraduate degrees and a Master's degree, Marie decided to focus her career on working with fine jewellery materials to create unexpected pieces of jewellery.

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