"Think back to the first time you watched a magician pull a colourful bunch of flower from his black scarf, or your wonderment at an illusionist who just swapped costumes in a blink of an eye. After a few moments of utter bemusement, I am sure you then felt a burst of pure joy. It is precisely this feeling that Marie Cabirou, founder of the ingenious Marie Mas jewellery brand, would like to capture with each and every one of her creations. And as with any magic, tricks are involved. Her jewellery is indeed steeped in research and development, and years have been put into achieving the aptly named Swinging Stones defining first collection. A clever and patented mechanism allows the wearer to flick little buttons and reveal a different color depending on which surface of the button is facing up. The mechanism is sandwiched between two parallel rows of gold bars, and individually affixed accros the bars of the Dancing series; or individually attached to a main tubular structure, facing the same direction like a never-ending garland fo the Swinging series. Specifically cut gemstones (sourced in Jaipur for their clarity and quality) are set on each side. There is no front or back, just two sides of the same coin, as in a merry-go-round it could go one way or the other. 

Thankfully the technical aspect does not overshadow in any way the stylishness of this first collection. It is highly wearable and while the Swinging series is probably more elegant, the Dancing one taps into what modern cool jewellery should be."

This article features Dancing EarringsDancing Open Ring, and Dancing Creoles Earrings.

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