Unique creations

Move in joy

With every MARIE MAS piece, we want to bring you joy and happiness. Wear them and watch the jewels come to life, every stone changing colour and dancing to the rhythm of your body movements. A tribute to femininity, beauty and creation, celebrating every one of us.


Unique creations

Be surprised

In every piece of jewelry the Creative Director Marie Cabirou explores different techniques. The new U & I collection features the subtle movement and a play of color and texture in a classic design with a twist.

In the iconic pieces the precious stones are set back to back and, as if by magic, an ingenious mechanism allows them to rotate and switch color in a balletic domino effect.


Craftsmanship & Innovation

Luxury reimagined

Challenging the standard notions of jewelry, each piece is designed with love and is brought to life using patented techniques, which are at the heart of the brand. 



Happy Marie

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