OBSESSED BY JEWELRY: Trending: Rainbow gemstone jewelry

"Rainbow hair. Rainbow fashions. Rainbow food. Rainbow light filters on Instagram. If the world suddenly seems more colorful to you, you’re not alone. The rainbow effect is everywhere, and that goes for the world of jewelry, too. We’ve rounded up a few special rainbow gemstone jewelry pieces to inspire you to adapt this fashionable trend. It’s the perfect way to color-up the remaining days of the summer season…and to add some dazzle to your holidays as well.

Designers Love ROYGBIV
At the Couture jewelry show in Las Vegas this past spring, designers were embracing color in new ways – often using many colors of the rainbow in a single piece.

A case in point is Paris-based Marie Mas, whose multi-hued Swinging Stones change color ways as they move with the wearer’s body. Mas is way ahead of the jewelry curve, combining two up-and-coming trends: rainbow gemstones and kinetic (moving) styles."

The article features Swinging Earrings.

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