FINANCIAL TIMES: In a quiver about kinetic jewellery

Wearing a jewel should be a multisensory experience: the warmth of gold on the skin, the glint of gems, the clink of stacked bangles or the sway of long-drop earrings. This interaction is amplified when moving parts are involved in the construction – a design feature that is increasingly, and excitingly, appearing in today’s jewels.

“Movement reflects the dynamism and energy of the wearer,” says Marie Cabirou, the Parisian designer behind Marie Mas. Cabirou worked with Raf Simons at Dior, designing ready-to-wear and couture jewellery, before launching her own brand, exploring the creative and technical possibilities she had found in fashion: rings that flip back and forth or gems that pop out of their golden grooves when worn on the finger.

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