Second Petale: Sharing the Art of Jewellery with Arina Pouzoullic

“To me, jewellery is so much more than beautiful creations. It bridges time, transmits what matters, connects us. It is a soulmate; it is about how we feel and who we are.” These are the wise words of Arina Pouzoullic, the Founder of digital art jewellery gallery, Second Petale, which promotes and curates art jewellery talents and connects clients with new artisans via international events.

The gallery showcases its collections through high-profile events, exhibitions and collaborations, both digital and physical. Both are equally important to me. An example of these digital events is ‘Jewellery Talent of Today’ – a one-of-a-kind initiative that Pouzoullic designed and developed with Christie’s. The programme is held twice per year via Christie’s online auctions and gives fantastic endorsement to the artists involved, as well as the potential to reach a relevant global audience.

Another prestigious event is PAD Paris, taking place from April 5-10, 2022. Second Petale will be there to represent the curated works of four designers (who I will introduce you to in a separate article). 

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