Ring In The New Year 2021: Clever Cocktails & Strong Statements

The Cocktail Ring’s history is as brilliant and beautiful as the rings themselves. The 1920s in America was a large time for change. Women especially experienced a large liberation in society. They enjoyed and expressed their greater freedoms. From legally having the right to vote to Flapper fashions, which were less constructed clothing, more ornate, and had short skirts. Women also began to cut their hair short. During prohibition women often attended speakeasies and cocktail parties, where they smoked and drank in front of men, which was a new freedom. A woman held her cocktail in the hand that showcased the ring. And, that is where the Cocktail Ring got its name and came into fashion.

A Cocktail Ring was typically worn on any finger, but a woman’s left ring finger leaving room for the engagement ring. Cocktail Rings were typically a large center precious gemstone surrounded by pavé diamonds. These large eye catching rings were considered to be a sign of wealth and excess. Since its inception in the 1920s, Cocktail Rings have changed with the times. Precious stones have been replaced by semi precious stones, which is largely due to the exhaustion and paucity of extremely large precious gemstones. 

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