Marie Cabirou is the Founder and the Creative Director of MARIE MAS. After studying at the prestigious École Duperré (college of art, design and fashion) and IFM (French Fashion Institute) in Paris, Marie learned jewelry design by assisting Florence Croisier and Shourouk.
In 2012, she joined Maison Christian Dior Couture with Raf Simons, where she honed her jewelry designing skills. Three years later, Marie decided to launch her own line of Fine Jewelry and Haute Couture Jewelry that she named MARIE MAS, as a tribute to her maternal grandmother, Henriette Mas, who influenced her taste for femininity, beauty and creation.


"Good design needs to give a soul to the object."

・About the design・

"Movement has been an obsession of mine since I started to design. For me, good design is surprising, it looks alive and gives a soul to the object. Also, the “wow” effect when you discover a piece of jewelry is very important. A piece is a success if you see the sparkles in the eyes of the person who discovers it! I want every woman to feel rapt with wonder for a moment."
With that in mind, Marie has developed and always works around the idea of jewels which come to life when they are worn. With every collection, she creates pieces which can transform and adapt themselves to the movements of the woman who wears them, magnifying her sensuality and adding excitement to every movement.