・Patented techniques・

Challenging the notions of standard jewelry, each MARIE MAS piece imagined and designed by Marie Cabirou is expertly brought to life following our patented techniques, which are at the heart of the brand. Each technique is tested, strong and safe. On our earrings for example, patented double post system, allows you to turn the earrings and wear them upside down, transforming their colour and shape. 
In The Wave collection the diamond and gemstone studded pins make every stone jump as you wear it. Whatever the technique is used, with MARIE MAS pieces you can watch the jewels come to life with every move.


 ・Expert craftsmanship・

Every MARIE MAS jewel is made with love and extreme care is given to every single step of the process. Every jewel goes through 5 important steps in the workshop until the perfect finished piece.
First the jewel is designed and conceived by Marie. Then she works with her 3D team to create the piece in volume, followed by 3D printing, casting, polishing, setting and assembling. No step is left without expert attention and work. 

・Unique gemstone cut・

The cut on the Swinging Stones Collection has been fully developed for the brand and is very specific to the double-setting moving technique, to ensure the deepest colour and reflection possible.