MJSA JOURNAL: Marie Mas, Under the Sea

"An Avid scuba diver, Marie Cabirou of Marie Mas in Paris finds much of the inspiration for her Swinging Stones collection in the underwater world. "The way the fauna and the flora move is very fascinating", she says. "Everything is alive underwater, and the fauna and flora react to your movements as you pass by. It's magical." 
Cabirou endeavored to imitate the organic flow she witnesses under the sea in her jewelry, creating a line of kinetic pieces that come to life with wear. Her jewelry changes color with the movement of the body, or with the way a person chooses to wear it. "It's like a balletic domino effect when the gems switch color", says Cabirou. "In this way, my designs highlight the beauty of the woman wearing them and the sensuality of her gestures."

This article features our Swinging Choker.