KATERINA PEREZ: Couture show

"Just a few days left before the 2017 edition of the annual jewellery show COUTURE will open for jewellers, journalist and buyers. As always, it will be taking place in villas and ballrooms of the 5 star Wynn Resort hotel. In comparison to other exhibitions, COUTURE may not appear to be the most large-scaled, however, nowhere will you find a comparable pool of talent in one place: every year, hundreds of outstanding designers and brands from across the world gather right here.

Each year, new names are added to well-known ones, who “keep the tone” for regular COUTURE visitors. This year there are more than 70 newcomers, making it impossible to put everyone in the spotlight, meaning I’ve chosen only ten, each of whom work in a completely different style.

“I am looking for movement, poetry in the mechanism of complexity. I love to bring a touch of magic to my jewels,” says Marie Mas about her jewellery. To create her first Swinging Stones collections she used coloured stones: amethysts, topaz, quartz and many others. They are individually set in pink gold and dance on the arm, neck, and ears with each movement of the body."

This article features Grand Swiveling Bracelet, Petit Swiveling Bracelet, and Swiveling Spiral Ring.

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