Jewellery Pursuer: The Designer who's inspired by the movements and her kinetic jewellery."

Innovation in today's world can be challenging and complex, but the designer I am writing about today has overcome such obstacles. Marie Cabirou, a jewellery designer and the director of MARIE MAS focuses on creative kinetic pieces producing beautiful, dazzling moments of theatre with every movement of your hand that comes to life with wear.

Marie Cabirou established her Parisian born luxury brand MARIE MAS in 2017. After successfully graduating from the prestigious École Duperré (College of art, design and fashion) and IFM (French Fashion Institute) in Paris, she was set for meteoric success with training in jewellery design from Florence Croisier, Shourouk and Raf Simons of Christian Dior. The name of her jewellery line, 'MARIE MAS', is a tribute to her grandmother Henriette Mas, who inspired Marie’s love of beauty and creation.

In her own words, Marie says she has always been passionate about beautiful and magical designs and that’s what has always driven her. Her innovative pieces were like a complex and distant dream but with the help of amazing craftsmen, she was motivated to keep going and innovating, and really pushing the boundaries of the classic jewellery pieces. Marie’s first collection, Swinging Stones, is a true labour of love for this revolutionary designer. Inspired by Christmas Tree Worms, vibrant and alive with fluid movement, she encountered in her ocean diving, Marie has brought to light all the magic movements to her designs. Marie and a team of artisans spent a year developing the now-patented technique that allows each piece to swing effortlessly between two different coloured stones.

In this interview, Marie tells us how her passion for kinetic jewellery started, who influenced her style of jewellery and the pieces she is most proud of.

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