DELUXE PAD: Note on an obsession

"Each month in this column, I will share my secret jewellery discoveries with you; a selection of up to five jewellery pieces based on their craftsmanship and inspiring creativity. Only one-of-a-kind (or limited edition) jewels, chosen from all around the world, will make the cut. It is not about value (pieces could start from a few thousands up to millions), yet these pieces could be as much a good financial investment as an emotional one. There will be no theme other than uniqueness in all aspects. It is exclusively on Deluxe Pad for you to peruse, appreciate and eventually make your own.

For something completely different, what about fine jewellery pieces that can be changed according to your mood or desires, by gently brushing their surface or holding them upside down? So simple and yet this has required nothing short of pioneering technical prowess. The designer, Marie Mas, is indeed as much a product designer as a fine jewellery designer, and looking at the harmonious palette of colours she selects, she could also be considered a colourist. “In the Swinging Stones and Dancing Stones collections, the precious stones are set back to back and, as if by magic, an ingenious mechanism allows the gems to rotate and switch colour in a balletic domino effect”, she explains."

This article features Dancing Creoles Earrings and Front Dancing Rigid Bracelet