SOLITAIRE: The power of colour

The Diamond Wave collection by Marie Mas received a ruby treatment this February. The Ruby Wave capsule line is a special edition of the brand’s classic diamond line and the green Emerald Waves.

The Ruby Wave ear climbers, ear cuffs and ear jewels are ideal for Zoom meetings, besides being a perfect gift for those who love rubies.

“I personally love ear cuff-climbers; I always try to develop new shapes that can be simple to wear even if you don’t have ear piercings, yet look unusual and catch your eye,” says Marie Cabirou, designer of the Parisian brand. Each piece is crafted in 18-karat rose gold and set with a slim row of brilliant-cut rubies in varied shades. Marie love rubies for their deep red-pink colour and loves the idea of exploring different shades due to the richness of the gem’s colour palette.

“Also, I am fascinated by the power of gemstones and ruby is known to spark joy, spontaneity, laughter, courage and promotes positive dreams. It is the first time that I have worked with rubies since the launch of my brand – and I can’t wait to create more pieces set with rubies in future,” says the designer.

This article features Ruby Ocean Ripple Ear Jewel and Ruby ocean tide earring.

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