Solitaire: Highlights Of The Jewellery Cut Live 2021

The Jewellery Cut Live’s October 2021 show held at The Royal Institution in London’s Mayfair, provided an opportunity for jewellery lovers to scour through exciting offerings by top jewellery designers and brands.
Asian peridot mining company Fuli Gemstones turned headline sponsor for The Jewellery Cut Live’s pop-up in October. “This show marked the first in a three-year partnership with Fuli Gemstones. We are grateful to have the support of Fuli Gemstones. The sponsorship allows us to continue to create this exciting new space for consumers and those in the business to come and discover new jewellers and immerse themselves in our wonderful talks programme,” said Rachael Taylor and Andrew Martinyiuk, founders of The Jewellery Cut.

Marie Cabirou of Parisian brand Marie Mas, showcased the Dancing rings, Swinging earrings, Wave rings and ear jewels and new additions.

“We recently released the best-sellers from the Wave collection in rubies, yellow sapphires, blue sapphires and emeralds – and unveiled these at TJC Live,” said Marie, whose latest offering included the U&I collection, a line of playful gender-neutral bands to celebrate love and commitment. “While the pandemic continues, the restrictions in London slowly eased off, and we were happy to take this opportunity to meet new clients and build closer personal relationships,” added the designer.

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Article by Solitaire International

Article by Solitaire International